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Kettlebell 300 Workout

Here’s a great Kettlebell workout provided on YouTube by KBAdvantage, a YouTube channel dedicated primarily to Kettlebell Training. The workout, which is designed to be done as quick as possible is a 300 rep High Intensity Session. It should take you about 30 minutes at a good steady pace.


How To Build A strong Lower Back

A few day’s ago I was asked by one of our Twitter followers for tips on how to improve lower back strength. I responded to the request via Twitter but felt it wasn’t enough. You see the back is such a complex area of the human body with many muscles and training it must be […]


Good Mornings

Muscles Worked; Hamstrings (Primary) Lower Back STEP 1: Hold a barbell with an overhand grip across the top of your shoulders (behind your neck). Position your feet shoulder width apart with a slight bend in your knees. Keep your back straight and your chest out. STEP 2: Slowly bend forward at the hips keeping your […]


Back Extension

Muscles Worked; Hamstrings (Primary) Lower Back Glutes STEP 1: Position yourself on a back extension station by placing your feet into the leg anchor, with your upper thighs resting on the support pad as per picture 1 above. STEP 2: Place your hands behind your head and bend forward slowly at the hips until your upper body is just short of […]



Muscles Worked; Abdominals (Primary) Obliques STEP 1: Start by getting into a push-up position but rest your body weight on your elbows with your forearms flat to the floor, as per the above diagram. Your torso and legs should all be in-line from your ankles to your head. STEP 2: Brace your body and hold for 30 […]


Beginner Strength Training 5 x 5

When many people think about building some muscle they immediately think about over complicated routines involving hundreds of sets and repetitions of various different exercises, but it doesn’t have to be this way. In fact many people, especially beginners make impressive gains from going back to basics with their resistance training. If you want to […]


Romanian Deadlift

Muscle’s Worked; Lower Back (Primary) Glutes Quadriceps STEP 1: Grab a barbell with a shoulder width overhand grip. Position your feet at slightly wider than hip width with you toes pointing forward. Let the bar hang as arms length. Have a slight bend to your knees. STEP 2: Keeping your back slightly arched and your […]



Muscle’s worked; Quadriceps (Primary) Glutes Soleus STEP 1: Stand with your feet hip distance apart and your toes pointing forward. Rest the barbell across your shoulders behind your head as per image 1. STEP 2: Inhale as you start the movement. Bend your knees and slightly push your hips backwards as if you are about […]



Muscles Worked;  Triceps Brachii (Primary) Deltoids Pectorals STEP 1: Place your palms on the edgs of a bench facing forward and position yourself as per diagram 1 (you can stretch your legs out further to increase difficulty but ensure that your back remains close to the bench). STEP 2: Bend your arms to a 90 degree angle […]


Shoulder Press

Muscles Worked; Deltoids (Primary) Pectorals Triceps Brachii STEP 1: Sit with your back against a bench that has a steep incline – between 80 and 90 degrees. Grip the barbell with an overhand grip and bring it up to your shoulders so that it is resting across the top of your shoulders and chest. STEP 2: Inhale and […]

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