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The Truth About Six Pack Abs: A Review

In Today’s post I am going to review the popular eBook  The Truth About Six Pack Abs. The book itself is written by Michael Geary and is a large book of 152 pages. It has plenty of information in it, especially for an eBook of this type, but just how good is that information?


The Importance Of Water

Water is on of the most important tools for anyone undergoing a fitness regime. Water helps to regulate the body’s temperature, helps to cushion and protect vital organs (our muscle tissue is about 70% water) and aids the digestive system. As I’ve already said, water makes up roughly 70% of our muscle tissue, but it […]


Harris Benedict Equation For Daily Calories

Recently I wrote a post about how to create a generic fat loss diet. It’s there as a rough guide for nutrition requirements and is very generic. Here we’re going to talk about the same things, but use a more accurate and detailed method, specifically the Harris Benedict Equation. Like before it does involve some […]



Muscles Worked; Abdominals (Primary) Obliques STEP 1: Start by getting into a push-up position but rest your body weight on your elbows with your forearms flat to the floor, as per the above diagram. Your torso and legs should all be in-line from your ankles to your head. STEP 2: Brace your body and hold for 30 […]


Beginner Strength Training 5 x 5

When many people think about building some muscle they immediately think about over complicated routines involving hundreds of sets and repetitions of various different exercises, but it doesn’t have to be this way. In fact many people, especially beginners make impressive gains from going back to basics with their resistance training. If you want to […]


The Best Abdominal Exercise To Get A 6 Pack

This has to be the most asked question going, especially at this time of year after everyone has stuffed themselves with chocolate Easter eggs and with the summer season bearing down on us. Everyone want’s to know what the best exercise is to get rid of that belly fat and show off either a nice […]

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