Never, Ever Give Up – Arthur Boorman’s Story

There’s been a video floating around for a little while now on YouTube about a guy who, despite having a serious disability, was able to prove doctors wrong. It’s a great story and even though it quickly went viral it’s still one that should be shared. The man is called Arthur Boorman and was an American Paratrooper. Arthure Boorman Inspirational Fitness TransformationNow for those that don’t know, to be a part of the Airborne forces takes a lot of effort in terms of fitness and mental strength. Arthur, who was injured as a Paratrooper in the Gulf War, was told by doctors that he would never be able to walk unassisted ever again. Basically his life as a Paratrooper had taken it’s toll on his back and knees.

15 Years went by where Arthur just accepted this fate. Gradually, due to his lack of mobility, he started to gain weight and in his own words he had “given up”. In his story he tells how he couldn’t perform conventional fitness activities due to his lack of mobility and the  impact/shock forces placed on the body so he turned to Yoga. Most instructors turned him away as they weren’t sure they could help him, all except one.

Arthur came across Diamond Dallas Page (DDP), the WWF Wrestling superstar turned Yoga/fitness instructor. DDP decided to try and help. Gradually Arthur started to gain some mobility back and his health and fitness improved. The video then goes on to show just what can be achieved when we put our minds to it. This truly is an inspirational story.

Please watch, enjoy and share this amazing story.

This video is actually part of a bigger documentary called Inspired: The Movie. It has lots of different stories like the one above and should be of great interest.

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