Michael Ashcroft’s 16 Day’s Of Beginner Crossfit Workouts

While thinking of a Crossfit routine to post that would appeal to beginners I remembered the very article that I found last year that first introduced me to  Crossfit. It is a 16 day schedule using only your body weight written by Michael Ashcroft over on his blog and is such a good workout schedule for beginners I felt it only right to give it a link.

The workout schedule revolves around 16 day’s of 3 day’s work and 1 day off. It’s all based on body weight movements so literally anyone can do it and the great thing about it is that you go at your own maximum pace. As long as you put in 100% effort, you will get great results. Personally I would recommend repeating the programme while learning more about Crossfit until you feel ready to take on some bigger workouts. Not only does Michael give a great workout schedule, he also gives other tips on his blog post that will help to improve your health and fitness.

This is something that everyone should read.

Read his blog post here or jump straight to his PDF that he created here!

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