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Here at Get Fit Online we welcome and encourage user comments. I have recently removed the No Follow attribute to our users comment links and added the DO Follow attribute. The reason for this is that I get a lot of spam anyway but feel that the site users that do want to link should at least get something else back for commenting and putting in the effort. To those that don’t know what NO Follow and DO Follow means it basically dictates whether the almighty Goggle will follow the links to your website or not

So with that in mind I’d like to raise a few rules.

  1. If you are going to comment on this blog, please keep it relevant to the post you are commenting on. I’ve recently had to delete comments made on our Increasing Back Strength post because they were stating, in a way that could only be viewed as criticism, that exercise alone doesn’t bring your abs out. Now that particular article doesn’t go into detail about abdominal’s as it is about increasing back strength. So please make sure you are commenting on the right post as it will only be viewed as spam and deleted.
  2. Only a maximum of one link per comment in the body of your comment. Any more will be viewed as spam and deleted.
  3. If you are commenting to create a┬áback link┬áthen please make the comment useful or at least try and make it look like you’ve read the article. Comments of “Hi”, or just “good post” will be deleted. If you want a back link, put some effort in.
  4. Most of all enjoy your time here. My goal is to create a great place for health and fitness tips and with great comments from like minded people that will only be enhanced.

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